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Festive glow: Essential Tips to enhance your hair and skin this merry season

Admittedly, there is no better, more care-free feeling in the world for any Indian, than enjoying the downpour of festivities and the joy that comes along with it. In fact, for most of us, this still forms a huge part of our most cherished childhood memories. However, let’s face it – during these childhood-favorite months with long-lost friends and family, our hair often gets fewer and frizzier and our skin tends to get dryer or oilier. But with these tips, you can learn to enjoy this beautiful festive season like the old days, hassle-free!

Festive blues… Stay away!

While there are a few who despise the running around during busy festive hours, others have no complaints when it comes to getting all sweaty and exhaustive in the celebratory season’s struggle and while you may love it, your hair and skin most definitely do not! The season tends to cause the quality and quantity of your luscious locks to deteriorate. Furthermore, it causes damage to your skin too as the pollutants in the air can result in clogged pores and acne. So, the next time you leave your home to go to shop or run some errands, make sure you have a pack of wet wipes handy, and you can thank us later!

Lotion up, ladies

Contrary to popular belief, irrespective of the weather outside or your skin type, moisturizer is a must. Especially in the moist air of few cities or due to the extreme weather change, our skin tends to get confused with the oil production and therefore moisturizing your skin daily will help with regulating it. While dry skin tends to get dryer, oily skin will get oilier, but don’t stress, there is a right fit for everyone. Using a gel or water based moisturizer can definitely prove to be a game changer for oily-skin types while a heavy non-scented moisturizer to heal skin is your best friend if your skin constantly looks and feels parched…and be sure to use some SPF while you’re at it.


No, we aren’t talking about your mouth…woman to woman, we understand that the festive joy may not be the only thing falling this season and we’re here to help. Ditch your hard-bristled hairbrushes and old-fashioned fine-tooth combs for wide-tooth ones. Unlike brushes and fine-tooth combs, wide-tooth combs don’t pull your hair from its shaft, and therefore, cause lesser breakage and damage to your locks so please for the sake of your hair…open-wide!

Make-up? Make-off.

As hard as it may be to not have your face insta-ready at all times, lay-off the layers of make-up this festive season as the pollutants from the air and sweat can cause the foundation to clog your pores and could even result in acne, everyone’s worst enemy. Furthermore, your dramatically dark kajal can become a breeding ground for eye infections and could cause a case of itchy eyes. However, if you just can’t keep away (like most of us!), try switching your foundation for a tinted moisturizer and ensure that your eye make-up is waterproof and that you just opt for quality products. If you are amongst those who can’t step out without applying make-up, make sure you do apply a base of primer for your make-up to settle and stay as long as the party’s on.

ay Ta-ta to the tools

We’re all for a glam look and perfect hair but let’s face it, achieving those perfect curls or straight streaks is hard, especially when the festive season just means frizzier, dryer hair with no time in hand to foster a great hairstyle. However, we often turn a blind eye to the damage these tools are causing to our hair, making it weak, dull and dry. While using heat tools to style your hair may appear to be the only answer to tame your mane, there are so many alternatives to it that allow you to stay glam without really giving a damn! Try tying your hair into a plait over-night to get those beachy waves in seconds, or simply put your hair up into a chic high ponytail or a bun to avoid any contact with the face or eyes. This will save you time that you can rather spend rejoicing old memories with your friends and family. If you’re still keen on using a straightener or a heat tool, a pro tip here is to use a heat protect and few drops of hair serum that will help keep your hair shiny, protected and intact throughout the day.

This festive season, leave your hair and skincare worries aside and just relish every precious moment, as it is only memories that stay.