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Keratin hair treatment.

Nowadays, keratin hair treatment is trending. But, you can try it only if you have proper knowledge about it. Women with curly or frizzy hair problems prefer this treatment the most. Generally, a keratin treatment is nothing but a hair straightening treatment. 

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Let’s sneak peek at the treatment in brief before discussing its benefits. 

What is keratin? 

Keratin is a protective protein responsible for nails, hair, and skin growth. It is also present in our glands and internal organs. Furthermore, this natural protein can be derived from  

  • Feather 
  • Horns 
  • Wools of different animals 

Know about Keratin treatment! 

Hairstylists and experts will coat hair strands with keratin protein to make them straight and smooth. Many treatments are available, but one standard process is involved in all of them- the keratin injected through the hair porous. 

In simple terms, this treatment will artificially put back the lost protein in the hair. The duration of keratin hair treatment is between two to four hours, depending on factors such as 

  • Hair length 
  • Hair thickness 
  • Hair texture  
  • Treatment formula 

While, the results of the treatment generally last up to six months, depending on the hair type.  

How can you use keratin treatment in different ways?  

Brazilian Keratin treatment  

This treatment is used in most salons that involve several steps. You have to keep your dry for several days in this treatment once the first treatment is applied. After a few days, the chemicals are washed out and then, the hair is given a straightening effect.  Brazilian keratin treatment can last up to 12 weeks. 

Keratin serums, shampoos, and conditioners 

You can also use Keratin-based conditioners, shampoos, or serums. But, the results of these products will be different than salon treatment. However, these products claim to make the hair more damage resistant and repair dry hair.  

Keratin supplements 

Benefits of Keratin Treatment  

There are few benefits of keratin hair treatment. But, sometimes, the benefits depend on the hair’s health, thickness and condition.  

These are few common benefits of the treatment:  

  • Hair can be easily styled s after a keratin treatment. The treatment can shorten the blow-drying time by 40-60 per cent! 
  • Keratin treatment makes the hair straight, smooth, and frizz-free irrespective of a humid weather 
  • After treatment, your hair is protected against the effects of UV rays and other environmental damage 
  • You can easily manage your hair after a keratin treatment, and the hair remains shiny most of the time 
  • Keratin treatment makes the hair stronger and makes hair strands resilient against hair breakage 
  • Every few months, a keratin hair treatment is less harmful than everyday heat styling 

There is no doubt that keratin hair treatment holds some benefits. But, one should properly research the chemicals used in the treatment. Always try a keratin-based hair product before going to the salon and test the actual treatment. Furthermore, always plan and then try the treatment.