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Team Member
Bob Boss

A sleek bob with chocolate brown coating - that's the Boss' Bob for you! The no fuss, no frizz look reiterates Coco Chanel's mantra - a girl should be two things - classy and fabulous.

Team Member
Coco Puff

Go from demure to damsel in a snap with Coco Puff, the latest binge-worthy hairdo from Indian Browns 2.0. Watch the world sit and take notice as you sweep your coco brown hair into a front puff with gold highlights.

Team Member
Truffle Tousel

Channel your inner boho chica with Truffle Tousle, the latest hairdo from Indian Browns 2.0. Perfect for those with wavy hair, this brown lob look is a definite chartbuster! The shade suits the Indian skin tone like a charm - cherry on the truffle.

Team Member
Caramel Silk

Say hello to gorgeous Red Carpet looks with Caramel Silk, the latest from the Indian Browns 2.0 palette. Set the temperature soaring as you walk around town with your silky caramel hair down.

Team Member
Luscious Latte

Get ready to become the poster girl of radiance with Luscious Latte from Indian Browns 2.0. Glam up your every day look with this gorgeous mix of blonde and brown. The shade complements the Indian skin tone to a tee.

Team Member
Bun-dle of Glam

Stunning is an understatement for Bun-dle of Glam, the latest look from Indian Browns 2.0. Sweep your hair into a big brown bun and find yourself scoring big on compliments! The shade sits perfectly with the Indian skin tone.

Indian Browns 1.0

Team Member
Bean Sheen

Wear the richness and goodness of coffee beans on your hair with Bean Sheen, an irresistible pick from the YLG Indian Browns palette. Tailor-made for the Indian skin tone, the shade will throw open the floodgates of compliments for you. .

Team Member

Get your fare of ooh la la with Bouffant Buffet from the YLG Indian Browns palette. Toss and turn and braid your shiny brown tresses into a neat bouffant plait and watch the world swoon. The shade and style blends perfectly with your skin tone and routine. So, whether you're at office or at a party, You Look Great!

Team Member
Brown Sugar

The phrase, if looks could kill, comes alive with this latest entrant on the YLG Indian Browns palette. Brown Sugar blends sweetly with the Indian complexion making every day a great hair day!

Team Member
Hoity Toffee

Adding sass to simplicity and oomph to elegance, Hoity Toffee is the latest presentation from the Indian browns palette. The no-frills look is an all out winner, all thanks to the gorgeous brown streaks running straight from top to bottom. This look compliments the Indian skin tone perfectly.

Team Member
Raisin Rustle

Short and sweet, and effortlessly chic and stylish, Raisin Rustle is a must-try on the YLG Indian Browns palette. The stunning shade suits the Indian complexion to a T - just paint your hair brown and the town shall follow.

Team Member
What the Fudge

Get ready to deal with the drooling faces as you strut around town flipping your yummy fudge hair. What the Fudge is one for the books! The shade blends perfectly with the Indian skin tone, making onlookers go WTF over your great locks.

Haute Heads

YLG presents haute heads. The exclusive hair collection styled and teased to perfection. 

In association with India's leading stylist YLG created the hottest international hair styles that are reigning the runway. There's no escaping the spotlight with these range of looks. 

Your tress is your new dress. 


Go demure with soft waves or daring with an upswept hairdo, the Ombre Bombshell is a style so versatile that you can’t go wrong with it.

Inspired by some of the most iconic runway looks, in hues of rich brown and warm caramel, it is a style that is as classy as it is adventurous.

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Lady in Rouge

Fierce, confident and bold, these styles were crafted to match the Lady in Rouge.

Stand out from the crowd,with a palatte combining lush tints of wine and brown. Graceful, with a hint of edgy, it’s the hottest flair for your hair.

Curl up with a great look

Introducing YLG’s exclusive soft perms. A gentle wavy perm that will give you soft and natural looking hair, perfect for just about any occasion. So add on some volume and a lot more excitement.

Curl Style
Style 1

Loose perm curls that are generally recommended for people with flat or slightly wavy hair. It produces loose curls and gentle waves, adding volume and breathing life into dull hair

Curls style
Style 2

Loose perm curls that are generally recommended for people with flat or slightly wavy hair. It produces loose curls and gentle waves, adding volume and breathing life into dull hair

Get naughty, get horizontal.
Hair art just filpped.

The world of hair art just took a whole new turn. YLG presents ‘Get naughty get horizontal’. Wear it like a crown of color or have it cascading on your back. Experience artistic shades that are specially created of Indian complexion. 

straight hair

Be "Miss Cosmopolitan" with the look that is bound to make heads turn. Subtle yet exciting, it is meant for those who like colouring outside the lines. Choose from three eclectic styles and watch the world admire you with envy.


Vibrant and stunning styles for the girl who wears her heart of her hair. Pick from any of these three sensational looks to jazz up any hairdo, upswept or cascading.

Fringe Bar

Exclusive. Iconic. Style for you.

In association with Asia’s leading stylist, YLG presents the One Cut, Two of Me collection of hairstyles. Specially created for the versatile Indian woman, these styles have been inspired from the colours and seasons of India.

Cool and Grunge

Cool & Grunge

The hair is trimmed and cut in layers to give a much desired textured and unkempt look. It can also be styled into a stylish plait with coloured braids.

Power and Charm

Power & Charm

This cut revives the retro fringe look with a stylish twist. Messy or combed neat, the length of your hair is left untouched, so it can be straightened or styled up as you please.

Sass Glam

Sass & Glam

The long fringe adds to your appearance, highlighting your facial features. The length of the hair gives you an advantage to style it into a high knotted plait.

Colours of India

Created in collaboration with Asia’s leading stylist, YLG’s Colours of Indian is a collection of hairstyles that compliment the Indian hair and skin tone. A combination of red, copper, brown and honey shades is guaranteed to makes heads spin. Suitable for women of all ages, this collection offers a melange of colours and cuts. 


Bollywood Rocker is perfect for long hair. Keeping the length intact, the look gives two styles to play with

Style 1
Style 1

Smoothen it out for a chic look with curls at strand-ends.

Style 2
Style 2

Blow out the layers into curls for a messed up rocker look.


Bohemian Goddess has been created for the bride. Ideal for long hair, the layers add volume while giving a fuss free style. The rich red matches the bridal trousseau.

Bohemian 1
Style 1

Create waves on tresses for Sangeeth ceremony, let your hair flow and bounce.

Bohemian 2
Style 2

Curled-in and styled with multiple layers, accessorised with tiny flowers or pearls for the D-day.


Giga Diva is a cut with intelligent layering and a feather finish. Ideal for medium-length to short hair, the long bangs give it an edge.

Diva Style
Style 1

Blow dry the curls out for a sassy style.

Diva Style
Style 2

Curl in while blow-drying for a classy global look.

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