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The right way
to take care of
coloured hair.

The journey of getting your hair coloured to taking care of it.

Once you colour your hair, your responsibility starts. It’s important not only to take good care of your coloured hair, but also right care. Read on below to see some of our tips to take care of coloured hair properly at home.


Tips to keep in mind while colouring hair!

  1. Pre-lightening damages the hair – It definitely doesn’t!
  2. Pre-lightening with smart bond is safe, as it strengthens and conditions the hair.
  3. With pre-lightening you can achieve the exact colour you want
  4. Refreshing your hair colour is much faster with lesser effects on it.
  5. Every refreshing can also have a new colour
  6. Pre-lighteners are also ammonia free
  7. While colouring your hair, make sure Smart Bond is used. This makes the hair stronger and healthier.
  8. With Smart Bond, you are protecting your hair and getting it ready for another session.
  9. Smart Bond conditions the hair and acts a shield against breakage.