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European Light Therapy facials involve a new technology, where light energy is applied to the skin to provide therapeutic benefits, accelerating the repair of damaged skin cells, as well as stimulating the production of collagen.

ELT Vino Grapes Marmalade

Grape concentrate rehydrates the skin and restores glow to lacklustre skin. This facial reduces uneven skin tone and dark patches, giving skin a polished texture.

ELT Pineapple Marmalade

The goodness of concentrated pineapple vitamins repairs and balances dry sensitive skin with a gentle effective treatment.

ELT Whitening

This facial is enriched with floral extracts like Chrysanthemum along with Peppermint leaf extracts for an unmatched facial experience.

ELT Radical Radiance Fairness Facial

Arbutin mask and the goodness of lactic acid in this facial give a clear, beautiful reflection, and the amazing chromo light technology takes the treatment to a sublime level.

ELT Kiwi Fruit Marmalade

Enjoy the burst of Kiwi freshness that repairs the collagen and elastin bonds, reducing fine lines and leaving the skin revitalized.

ELT Gold Facial

A combination of gold dust, floral and plant extracts imparts shine and lustre to your face along with innovative advance Chormo Light Therapy. Get a golden glow with a youthful skin tone.

ELT Gold Facial

Get a high in life with the seductive lure of this facial bursting with antioxidants from wine that give your skin a smooth fair look.

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YLG’s European Light Therapy (ELT) Facials is a revolutionary technology that’s popular in the finest salons in Europe. It’s available in India, only at YLG

Bridal Facial 6000
Japanese Sakura Whitening and Lightening Facial 5000
Bulgarian Damascina Rose Glow and Brightening Facial 5000
24 Karat Queens Facial 5000
Pure Pearl Facial 5000
Aamazonian Murmur Butter Glow and Hydration Facial 4800
Japanese Blanch Facial 3500
YLG Signature Brightening Facial 4500
ChromosteamYLG Signature Glow Facial 4500
Whitening Facial 3500
Gold Facial 3000
Bearberry Facial 3500
Kiwi fruit Facial 3500
Pineapple Facial 3500
Japanese Ginger and Walnut Facial 3500
O2C2 Radiance Facial 3000
Pure Gold 3000
Sensi Glow 2700
Skin Radiance 2000
Wine Radiance 2000
Vino Grapes Facial 2000
Kiwi Cherry Fruit Glow Facial 1500
Citrus Aglow Facial 1200
Kiwi Mango 850
Premium Express Whitening 850
Rose Mint 850
Under Eye Care 800
Skin Whitening Mask 600
Skin Clarifying Mask 500
Skin Brightening Mask 500
Skin Firming Mask 500
Full Back 450
Full Front 450
Half Arms 300
Half Legs 400
Full Body 2000
Full Back 550
Full Front 550
Half Arms 350
Half Legs 450
Body Polish 900