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Which Serum is Best for Hair?

The majority of people use shampoo and conditioners as a part of their hair care routine. But, only a few use Hair Serum. We must understand that it is also vital to maintain healthy hair.  

Hair serum is packed with a potent concentration of active ingredients like skin serum. The powerful ingredients can help soften, smoothen and protect your hair from environmental hazards.  

YLG Salon is one of the best hair salons in Bangalore. It always suggests everyone to use hair serum for a healthy hair. 

Hair serum should be used after a hair wash. It should be applied when the hair is semi-dry. Some serums can also be used in dry hair. You should use serums on the hair strands and avoid using on the scalp. 

Let us sneak peek at some of the benefits of hair serum 

  • Hair serum detangles the hair and prevents dryness 
  • Some of the hair serums provide UV rays protection 
  • Keep your hair frizz-free by using hair serum 
  • Provides shine and lustre to dry hair 
  • Prevents hair loss during the use of hot tools while styling 

UV ray protection 

Many serums in the market offer protection against UV rays. This type of hair serum is strongly recommended as our hair is constantly exposed to the sun outdoors. Hair serum will provide much-needed protection. 


Serum can be an alternative to oil as it can also act as a conditioning agent. Your hair can gather dust and pollutants from oil but, serums will take care of fizzy and rough hair and prevent moisture.   

Damage prevention  

Always consult a hair expert or a doctor before using the serum. You should use a brush to spread the serum after it is applied to the hair. Mild shampoos are the best to wash your hair after using serums. 

You can use almond oil with a serum to reduce hair breakage. The hair will become soft and shiny with regular use. The best place to apply serum is mid-length, and hair ends.  

Which is the best hair serum?  

Moroccan Argan Oil  

It is one of the exquisite hair serums available in the market and is extracted from the nuts of the Argan Tree. The serum is packed with antioxidants and fatty acids essential for our hair.  

The Argan oil hair strengthens and reduces hair breakage. In addition, it will moisturize and soften the hair. 

Marula Oil  

This serum is a product of the Marula fruit. It is the best for people with frizzy and dry hair.  

Marula oil prevents water loss of the hair through hydration and moisturizing. It also protects the hair from environmental elements. 

Hydrolyzed Wheat Proteins 

This ingredient is essential in natural hair serums. It prevents hair damage by forming a protective layer on the hair strands. 

Furthermore, this type of serum will add volume to the hair and maintain shine. 

Amino acids  

It will help improve hair strength and improve hair compatibility. In addition, it will also prevent hair breakage.