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Must-Haves for a trip with your girl-gang

Let’s just admit it – watching chick flicks and light hearted movies like Veere Di Wedding, ZindagiNaaMilegiDobara had most us feeling some serious FOMO (fear of missing out). These feel good movies make women across the board yearn to feel alive and have a good time. In our eyes, it is the ultimate inspiration to plan a girl’s getaway. Whether you plan on enjoying the beaches in Kerala, partying in Goa or relaxing in Thailand– here is a list of our holy-grail holiday must-haves when vacationing with your BFF’s.

It’s Aloe Vera-field!

Everyone wants to have seamless, smooth skin and silky, flowing hair – just like the photos we often see on social media.Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. With the help of just one simple ingredient, you can come a step closer to looking your best, natural self. Aloe Vera gel can be used as an all-in-one savior for your hair, skin and painful sunburns after hours of sunbathing. It is affordable and sometimes, even more effective than your fancy creams! True music to your ears, isn’t it, ladies?

Pro Tip:Just simply apply it to your hair for 15 to 20 minutes to restore the lusciousness in your locks, use it as an over-night spot treatment, or gently apply it to sunburn affected areas for instant cooling and relief from the pain.

Bask in Masks

Ladies, it is that time of the month – yes, it’stime to detoxify and cleanse your skin and what better way to do that than to pamper yourself with some masks and mocktails? (all natural, of course) Sheet masks are an easy-to-use, clean and highly effective way to ensure that your holiday glow stays with you throughout your trip and long after it too! Just leave it on for 15-20 minutes while you bop to some Bollywood beats or sip on some fresh coconut water and voila! You’re glowing.

Pro Tip: Make sure not to wash-off the excess serum, instead, simply pat it into your skin to reap the maximum benefits of the mask.

Sunscreen: Your new BFF

Don’t get us wrong, we love the sun!After all, what is a holiday without a great tan? Yet, we can’t forget the importance of sunscreen to help shield our skin from the harmful UV rays that are always present in the environment around us – sunny or not. The last thing you would want is burning, peeling, itchy skin on holiday. Well, that one bottle can be your secret weapon to fight these problems, if you let it.

Pro Tip:Ensure to invest in a long lasting, water-proof or water-resistant sunscreen to avoid constant re-application.Also make sure you apply it all over your face and body at least 30 mins prior to stepping out to enjoy the rest of your day as this will allow the product to properly be absorbed by your skin.


Why only protect your skin from the rays? Your eyes are just as important!

Channel your inner diva with your gang as you experiment with all the funky colours, shapes and sizes that eyewear has to offer while simultaneously protecting your eyes from the sun. Don’t be afraid to be different – be bold, be beautiful, be you.

Pro Tip:Be sure to check for UV protection in your shades before you buy them!

Swimsuits and Sarongs

Nothing screams vacation like a vibrantly colouredswimsuit paired with a flattering cover-up. Don’t be afraid to show-off your curves, there’s a swimsuit for every silhouette. In fact, high-waist bikinis are trending now, more than ever. Additionally, when on a beach vacation, swimwear can often double-up as a part of an outfit. For instance, a bikini top, some flared pants and a denim jacket or a one-piece swimsuit worn with a high-waited maxi skirt.

Pro tip:It goes without saying, get yourself a bikini wax to shine the brightest in the lot, girl!

Make-up that doesn’t look made-up

Woman! we truly understand your desire to look your best and get some “Instagram worthy” pictures on holiday. Well, they key is to use fewer products to avoid looking cakey. With the help of some pink lip and cheek tints and a voluminous, water-proof mascara, you will be “Insta-ready” in under 10 minutes, hassle free! Additionally, for the extra coverage ladies, ensure to switch your foundation and concealer for an SPF protected tinted-moisturizer when on holiday, to avoid looking heavily make-up clad in the heat.

Pro Tip: Don’t forget to carry some on-the-go make up wipes because sometimes, your skin needs a break too!