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Best Hair Cuts for Curly Hair – YLG

All curly hair ladies out there! We understand the struggle behind the perfect locks! In this blog, you will learn about a few haircut tips that will make maintaining your curls so much easier.  

YLG Salon is one of the best salons in Bangalore! Choose from these natural curly hairstyles for gorgeous-looking hair every day! 

Shoulder cut  

The shoulder cut allows the locks to beautifully frame the face for someone with a denser or thicker curl. While cutting, tell your stylist to keep it simple without any fringes so that the curls are well defined and settled. 

Big Curls with Bangs 

Try out this haircut to effectively frame your face. You can throw some baby lights to add some spice to your look. A haircut in YLG Salon will help you to get a good haircut. 

Layered Curls 

This haircut will give you a weightless shape while providing movement and volume to the hair. Layered curls are perfect for one’s who have defined curls and expect a bulkiness-free illusion of volume.  

Furthermore, this haircut is the best for people with medium to long hair.  

Bob Cut 

Bob cut is ideal for people with short hair. This haircut will give a dashing look by transforming the hair’s natural texture. This haircut’s length is just above the shoulder. It’s best for people with a round face who want to play with their facial structure through the illusion of angles. 

Here are few pro tips for Curly hair people 


One of the biggest mistakes for curly hair people while getting a haircut is they use a rough shampoo before it. It freezes or fluffs up curls.  

Instead, they should use a conditioner-like shampoo. It will leave the hair in the best condition before the haircut and prevent any roughness.  

The conditioner will also remove the dirt and oil effectively and clean the hair without giving you a glassy feeling that many people experience after a shampoo.  

Generally, people should only shampoo their hair twice a week. Once you follow a good hair care routine, you will see a difference in your curls for sure! 

Say no to shred those ends 

If you do too much texturizing, then it can destroy your curls. Your hairstylist should know that the weight of curly hair should be removed from the ends instead of the bulk.  

Curly hair needs strong ends so the curl can take proper shape. The curl pattern of the hair is damaged when you over-texturize curly hair. 

Mid length is the best for curly hair  

It is important to remember that their hair length is expected to shrink more than expected after a haircut. Therefore, know how much length you want removed and communicate with the stylist beforehand.  

Once you apply the conditioner, you can use air dry or a dry with a diffuser. You should not put your hands into the hair until it’s completely dry.  

Always remember that sulphate and paraben free hair products are safe for your hair.