Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to go to a salon?

When choosing a salon, look for places that are doing the following:

  • Are hygiene standards being followed?
  • Are they using gloves while doing treatments to minimize contact with the client?
  • Are they using masks to protect themselves as well as you?

In a salon there aren't more than 7-10 people at a given time. Look for a salon that is spaciously designed.

YLG is a responsible organization. Our top priority is the hygiene of our operators and customers. It's a space where international health and hygiene standards are set. We have been updating and following these since 2009.

How is the YLG staff maintaining hygiene in the store?

Our technical experts and staff always wear N95 masks, sanitize their hands and wear gloves before all the services.

Do you use the same equipment and products for all the customers?

At YLG, all equipment and tools like scissors, combs, Pedicure tools, ELT Machine probes and any other metallic tools are sterilized after each service. For almost 10 years now, YLG has been using single-use kits for Facials, Pedicures, Manicures, and Waxing. This is followed not only in Salon but for the YLG@Home too.

I have seen on social media that YLG is stopping upper and chin lip threading now. Why is that? Is there an alternative?

Yes, We will now be stopping upper lip and chin threading, Instead, YLG is now recommending upper lip and chin waxing (YLG Brailian Wax), which is much more hygienic for both the customer and our technical experts. At the same time, this gives superior results and less repeats in the long term.

How does YLG maintain the cleanliness in all the YLG Salons?

We maintain international standards of hygiene at all our YLG salons. We clean our salon everyday using Diversey Hygiene products like Taski R2- for floor cleaner Taski R3- Glass cleaner, Taski R4- furniture cleaner, Taski R6- Toilet cleaner which are recommended by WHO. Also, after every service that area is cleaned and sanitized before the next service. As an additional point we will now be keeping all YLG salons closed on Mondays for an extra deep cleaning for the store once a week. This will continue for a short while and we will keep you informed regarding the same.

How can I maintain the social distance inside the salon?

YLG is a responsible brand and the safety of our customers and staff is our top priority. We will consciously reduce the number of appointments in a given day, to enable all customers to have adequate space between them. Social Distancing Does Not Mean Beauty Distancing. Our salons were designed to be spacious and give each customer their privacy to begin with. For example, our service chairs in the hair service area are typically close to 1 metre apart from each other. There are only 2 chairs in certain areas like the pedi/mani and hair spa areas. We are further limiting the number of chairs used for services at one time once we open. YLG will allow only one customer at a time in the shampoo, pedicure and hair spa areas to practice safe distancing. Alternate chairs will be occupied in the hair area. All Waxing / Facial / Skin services are anyway provided in independent rooms where surfaces and equipment are sanitised after each service. #SocialDistancingIsNotBeautyDistancing

Will all YLG salons be open on all 7 days? When will they open?

The salons will only open post the national lockdown period according to the government guidelines. Additionally, not all stores may open at the same time. We will keep you apprised of the same. YLG has also taken a conscious call to close the salons on every Monday to sanitize / deep clean each salon once lockdown is lifted for a few weeks for your safety.

How does YLG maintain the cleanliness in their products?

All YLG products are sterilized before leaving the storehouse and before being placed/used in the salon. Once it reaches the salon it is cleaned before using as well. Additionally, all products are vacuum sealed inside the packaging so it is absolutely safe.

How YLG maintains cleanliness in towels, aprons used by technical experts ?

YLG has been committed to hygiene and has its own laundry. They are state of the art machines where all towels, aprons & bedsheets are washed after every single use with the best quality detergents and fabric conditioners to guarantee a spotless soft towel every time for our customers. Additionally, the team working at the laundry have always been equipped with masks and gloves so as to maintain the environment and towel cleanliness.

How does YLG maintain its Hygiene standards?

YLG maintains the highest hygiene standards. The following are compulsory across all our salons before any service:

  • Washing Hands
  • Sanitizing Hands
  • Protecting hands with Gloves
  • Covering the face with a Mask
  • Greeting our guests the Indian way - Namaste!

Please note that we use single use gloves for every client.

We also have provided N95 masks to our staff for enhanced safety.

Additionally, we have ensured that any technician who is unfit to service a client at this time, is compulsorily made to stay at home.

The entire salon is cleaned and sanitized everyday. For your added safety we have decided to keep the store closed 1 day in the week for a full deep disinfectation and sanitization of all the surfaces, tools and equipments in the store.

Can I trust YLG in the times of Corona Virus?

Amongst all the salons, YLG is taking measures to maintain the highest quality and safety standards.

The entire salon is cleaned and sanitized everyday. For your added safety we have decided to keep the store closed 1 day in the week for a full deep disinfectation and sanitization of all the surfaces, tools and equipments in the store.

How should I be safe in the salon with the operator?

Our operators follow strict health and hygiene standards, as given above. We also suggest that our clients follow the same. Make sure to wash and Sanitize your hands. Keep your hands to yourself and try to minimize contact of your hands to you face.

What about threading services?

As an added security in these times, YLG has stopped upper lip, chin and sidelock threading. We advise all customers to adopt the YLG Painless Brazilian waxing for the same.

How can I protect myself?

Make sure to wash your hands well - there are proper steps suggested on how to wash them. Keep a Sanitizer within reach and Sanitize your hands regularly. Expose yourself to the sunlight when possible. Avoid crowded places and gatherings. If you feeling unwell, visit a doctor and follow the instructions and guidelines provided by them and the Government.

Is there any risk if I take any services at YLG?

As long as the precautionary measures are followed, there is no risk and no need to panic. You can always walk into your nearest YLG salons to look great with the assurance of the highest hygiene standards being followed.

Is it advisable to come to the salon if I'm not feeling well?

If you are unwell, it is advised that you visit a doctor for a checkup at the earliest. Take rest at home for a minimum of 7 days (as per the Government guidelines), with the correct action until you feel better.

What if I know someone who is unwell and have been in contact with them?

According to the Nation wide guidelines it is advisable to stay at home for a period of 7 days before coming into direct contact with other people. Do ask the person who is unwell to get a checkup done and take the necessary precautions