Nail Remover NC05 Plumping Top Coat

Nail Remover NC05 Plumping Top Coat


Stay trendy with the collection of YLG Spectacolor Nail Care and get that more chic look and feel at the tip of your fingers after applying the Plumping top coat on your finger.

Give your nails the wet and voluminous look anytime! The Plumping Top coat helps your nails achieve an impeccably curved and a wet-look shine in a few seconds. A specific nitrocellulose-based formula gives your nails a dazzling finish.

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  • This has been developed to quickly achieve impeccably curved nails with a wet look shine like professional Gel nails.
  • Build an instant volume on your coloured nail.
  • Gives an ultra-brilliant shine.
  • Takes a short time to dry.
  • UV filter prevents discolouration and yellowing.


  1. To seal in colour
  2. Extend the time span of the Nail paint
  3. Gives you the glossy look.
  4. Prevents nails from yellowing and staining.

How to Use: Apply on dry nail polish. Re-apply if needed to revive the glossy look.


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