Nail Remover NC04 Formaldehyde Free Hardener

Nail Remover NC04 Formaldehyde Free Hardener


This smooth fluid makes your thin and wafer-like nails strong and solid. This special formula features patented Hexanal, a powerful hardening, clinically tested aldehyde which significantly improves your nail condition.

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YLG is one of the best brands providing the nail hardener as No Formaldehyde free hardener, As we are not using the ingredient of Formaldehyde which causes.

It is the most common issue for softening nails which are very sensitive that break down eventually and look annoyed if you apply the nail paint. But this often makes the nail very sensitive and softens. Here we came up with the best solution with YLG No Formaldehyde free hardener which there is no chemical that causes skin irritation and allergic reactions.



  • A powerful hardening ingredient that significantly improves the condition of the nail.
  • This formula also provides nails with a radiant shine & a glowing healthy look.
  • The formula is fluid to make the application smooth & easy.
  • Incorporates a UV filter to prevent discoloration & yellowing for long term shelf-life.
  • It consists of improving the calcium for the nail and make it stronger.
  • Harden’s nail plate yet keeps it flexible, prevents brittleness and breakage.


  1. Strengthens the nail.
  2. Protect and hard the nail.
  3. Increase the time span of nail paint.


How to Use: Apply a coat then apply your favorite Nail Polish. Apply twice a week for strong & healthy Nails.


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