Nail Remover NC03 Peel Off Base

Nail Remover NC03 Peel Off Base


Glitter nail paints can look amazing and beautiful on your nails and it is very hard and totally painful to remove from your nail and YLG has the amazing product as Peel off base coat which basically helps you to peel out your glitter paint. Whenever you want to remove your glitter or 3D nail paint you can just peel out from your nail.

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Totally healthy, this water-based solution contains original Polymer Resin that guarantees a Peel-off removal.

It is very easy to apply as basically you need to apply on your bare nail as peel off base coat and after dries, it becomes transparent on your nail, later you can apply the glitter or 3D nail paint and your nail looks sexy and pretty. this base coat magically peels off without a nail polish remover and leaves your nails glitter-free.



  • Glitters are instantly removed leaving no residue.
  • Nails are protected against staining and yellowing.
  • Wear it for an hour or a day, no need for a remover, just peel off.


  1. Water Base formula.
  2. Perfect for 3D or Glitter Nail paints
  3. Chip resistant
  4. Perfect for easy Nail paint remover.


How to Use: Apply it on bare nails, once it becomes transparent, apply a coat of your favorite sparkle nail polish and top it off with the Plumping top coat to get those perfect nails.


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