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  • YLG Institut Salon Pro Aloe Vera Facial Kit

    Why you need YLG Aloe Facial Kit?• Daily exposure to the sun and pollution can make your skin tan, oily and dull.• It removes dead cells, excess oil, dirt and unwanted pollutants from the skin by giving a refreshing complexion.• Aloe Vera consists of antioxidants including beta carotene, vitamin C & E which improves the natural firmness of skin and keep the skin hydrated.• Aloe Vera fights with acne and fades blemishes.YLG's Aloe Vera Facial Kit comes with the combination of Essential oils, Aloe Vera natural extract, walnut scrub particles, Glycerine, Multivitamin complex which helps to keep your skin very smooth. We have specially curated these ingredients these for you.Get your facial within the comfort of your home.Glow your face with our Facial kit by: Aloe Vera Cleanser, Aloe Vera Scrub, Aloe Vera Cream, Aloe Vera Mask, Aloe Vera Toner, Aloe Vera Moisturiser This Facial Kit Contains:Aloe Vera Cleaner 10g: Cleanser is one of the most important part of any skin routine. It removes the dead skin cells, sweat, oil, dirt and unwanted pollutant particles from the skin and refreshes the skin and give a complexion. It comes with the Aloe Vera Extract, Essential Oils SLES, Natural Thickness.Aloe Vera Scrub 10g: It consists of Aloe Vera Extract, Essential Oils, Walnut Scrub Particles, Beeswax, Aqua - these ingredients in the scrub help your skin glow and feel soft, smooth& youthful. Aloe Vera Cream 10g: It has Aloe Vera Extract, Essential oils, Beeswax, Glycerine, Multivitamin Complex - the key ingredients to keep your skin moisturised.Aloe Vera Mask 10g: Aloe Mask comes with the clear gel made with 100% natural aloe vera plant. It helps fight with acne and fade blemishes, keeping your skin moisturized.Aloe Vera Toner 5ml: Toner is extremely calming and soothing and has the effect of tightening the skin. It is essential for oily and acne prone skin. It shrinks pores and balances the PH level of the skin and provides a layer for protection.Aloe Vera Moisturiser: Aloe vera naturally moisturizes the skin without greasy feel of touch. Aloe Vera used is pure and it is perfect for anyone who wants great skin complexion.YLG Facial kit is specially formulated with the goodness of Aloe vera and natural essential oils which nourishes and rejuvenates the skin to keep fresh and radiant for a long time.Now, you can get salon like instant glow and flawless bright skin at home with Aloe Vera Facial Kit.

  • YLG Institut Salon Pro Turmeric Sandalwood Facial Kit

    Turmeric Sandalwood Facial Kit: Get salon like Brightening at home with our YLG Turmeric Sandalwood Facial Kit for naturally bright and flawless skin. Enriched with the purity and goodness of Turmeric & Sandalwood, this combination works well even for gentle or sensitive the skin.The formulation of the YLG Turmeric Sandalwood facial kit reaches deep into the skin and nourishes it leaving you refreshed. Featuring excellent cleaning properties that eliminate dirt and skin impurities, thus giving you the instant radiant glow on the skin. Turmeric & sandalwood have the powerful anti-septic and anti-bacterial properties and that’s why it is highly recommended to help get rid of the acne & scars on the face & neck. It is especially manufactured to get the rid of acne, soft skin, improves complexion. It is a great solution to get the salon like brightening glow at home.Benefits of using the YLG Facial Kit:• Deep cleans the skin.• Heals the damaged skin• Provides brightening glow to the skin• Reduces scars and breakouts.Tone down the blemishes and turn up your skin brightness with YLG Turmeric Sandalwood Facial Kit by: Turmeric Cleanser, Sandalwood Scrub, Turmeric Sandalwood Cream (for all skin types), Turmeric Sandalwood Mask, Turmeric Toner, Sandalwood Moisturiser.YLG Facial Kit Contains:Turmeric Cleanser: This cleanser consists of Essential oils, Curcuma Longa Extract, Natural Thickeners, Natural vegetable oil, Glycerine, Multivitamin complex which contributes to get a natural glow for the skin.Sandalwood Scrub: It comes with the ingredients of Essential Oils, Santalum album extract, walnut scrub particles, beeswax, vegetable oil, Aqua. YLG Sandalwood scrub has the antiseptic properties that are great for treating the acne.Turmeric Sandalwood Cream (for all skin type): It consists of Santalum Album extract, Curcuma longa extract, Essential oils, beeswax, vegetable oils, Glycerine, Multi-Vitamin complex. It helps revive the dark, dry and damaged skin and also cure inflammation and skin infections.Turmeric Sandalwood Mask: Mask consists of Essential oils, Santalum album extract, Curcuma Longa extract, Natural Vegetable oils, Glycerine, Multi vitamin complex, Natural clays. This complexion enhancing face mask enriches your skin with turmeric and sandalwood oil.Turmeric Toner: Essential oils, Curcuma Longa Extract, water. This combination reduces and fights against dark circles and stretch marks appearance all while protecting against sun damage & aging too.Sandalwood Moisturizer: It contains Santalum album extract, Essential oils, Natural Vegetable Oils, Glycerine, Multi-vitamin Complex. Sandalwood moisturizes the skin and improves the complexion. It is suitable for all the skin types.