What is the LoYaLG Reward Program?

YLG Salon brings to you a chance to avail of amazing benefits with our salon services and retail purchases. This opportunity is going to make your beauty regime way more rewarding with YLG.

How it works



and get 250 points as YLG welcome reward.

Collect rewards

Collect Reward Points

As you pay, get 5% of your bill as points.

Redeem & Enjoy

Redeem & Enjoy

Redeem your points for a YLG service or exchange it for Flipkart money.

Explore the four steps of indulgence

At YLG, we believe that there is nothing such as over pampering. Our LoYaLG Reward Program is here to shower you with all the love you deserve.

Pretty Six

Pretty Six

Spend a min of Rs. 4000 on YLG services, complete 3 visits in 6 months, and get 500 points.

Ravishing Nine

Ravishing Nine

Spend a min of Rs. 8,000 on YLG services, complete 5 visits in 9 months and get 1000 points.

Gorgeous Twelve

Gorgeous Twelve

Spend a min of Rs. 15,000, complete 9 visits in 12 months and get 2500 points.

Much More

& Much More!

Avail exciting birthday offers the couple offers, whopping offers on YLG anniversaries, and a lot more.

Is there any other way to redeem my YLG points?

YLG is proud to be India’s 1st salon to introduce a rewards program in association with Flipkart Exchange. As a member of the LoYaLG Reward Program, you can exchange YLG points for Flipkart points to shop on Flipkart and vice versa. You certainly don’t want to miss this bonus feature of the program which is available exclusively for the loyalty members.

This programis a keeper, TBH!

Join the LoYaLG Reward Program today.

Is the Reward Point only for new customers?

No, Anyone can join this program. You just have to visit your nearest YLG store and register yourself for the Reward Points.

Will BSC Customers get the Reward Points while billing?

No, BSC Customers won’t get the points when they pay the bill from a BSC card. However, while recharging or buying a BSC card, customers will get the Reward Points.

Can we use Flipkart points in YLG?

Yes, you can use the Flipkart points at YLG.

Is this reward point applicable in addition to other offers?

Yes, customers will get the points based on the net value of the bill.

Can we use these Reward Points on services?

Yes, you can use these Reward Points on any service.

If I forget my phone, then without OTP can I use my reward points?

No, without OTP you can not use the YLG Reward Points.

I am now using a different no./new no. Can my points be transferred to my new no.?

Yes, you can shift the points to your new number. But for that, you will have to send a mail to customercare@ylg.co. and place a request for the new number, along with your ID proof.

If I leave my phone at home/switched off how can I now use my points?

No, you can not use the YLG points without OTP

Can I club my Reward Points with my family/ friend?

No, you can not club the points of two different people.

Are these reward points applicable on top of other offers?

Yes, you can use the points for any Service billing.

Is there any minimum billing for getting the Reward Point?

No, you will get the point on every billing.

Can we in cash the YLG Reward Points?

No, you can not cash Reward Points.

How can I Join the YLG Reward Program?

You can join the YLG Reward Program by simply upgrading your profile.

What is the validity of the Reward Points?

Every Reward Point you have expires in the next 30 days, starting from the date you obtain it.

Can YLG Reward Points be used in Flipkart or for any other brands also?

Yes, YLG Reward Points can be redeemed at Flipkart, Fabindia, etc.

Can YLG Rewards Points be used for retail products also?

No, YLG Reward Points can be used only in service billing.

Is there any option to register myself for YLG Reward Points from home/Online/YLG website?

No, you have to visit the YLG store.

Are GV customers applicable for YLG Reward Points?

No, GV customer won’t get the points

If I purchased retail products, am I applicable to get YLG Reward Points?

Yes, you will get reward points as per the net value.

Using YLG Reward Points, can I get GV offer vouchers?

No, these are not applicable with GV offers.